Lord's Wing Chun


Qigong is an ancient system of self healing that promotes physical, emotional, mental wellbeing and longevity through a system of postures that open and clear the energy meridians in the body.

Now that statement is overly simplistic….. It does much much more.

It can:

  • make you stronger and more flexible
  • increase your lung capacity
  • lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart
  • stimulate your body’s natural energy
  • stimulate your major organs, increasing function and efficiency
  • increase your connection with yourself and the universe

12 Rivers Qigong

This style of Qigong is a family style, that means that is has been handed down through the centuries to family members.

It is a form comprised of 12 moving postures that correspond with the body’s major organs. 12 Rivers Qigong stimulates the organs and their energy meridians, clearing energy blockages and promoting better health an wellbeing.

This is just a demo…

Wudang 5 Elements Qigong

This is an ancient style of Qigong from the Doaist Temples of the Wudang mountains in China. It follows the 5 element theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine by matching 5 animal postures with the 5 elements which then correspond with the 5 major organs;

  • Water – Dragon – Kidneys
  • Metal – Tiger – Lungs
  • Wood – Leopard – Liver
  • Earth – Snake – Spleen / pancreas 
  • Fire – Crane – Heart

This is just a demo…

Between Heaven and Earth

This is Nei gong – internal work. There are 2 forms to learn both are quite physically simple but engage with different types of breathing, visualisations and energy intent.

The forms that encourage you to connect with yourself and the universe using your internal energy.
We will look at clearing blockages and stale energy, then drawing in strong pure Chi.

This is just a demo…

Qigong Meditation

I teach this as part of the Qigong syllabus or as stand alone training.

These sessions look in depth at different breathing techniques, mindful movement of our internal energy and then works with our energy fields.

Enter the flow

This is a set of principles that enable you to connect with energy in and around you. You will learn to move and flow through life while using this energy to stabilise and energise yourself.

There is no form to learn, but there are plenty of exercises to raise your awareness of the Chi around you.

Class timetable

Monday (Qigong meditation)Live online8pm to 9pm
Tuesday (Beginners Qigong)
Thursday (Beginners Qigong)The Glow Collective, Bridport11am
Thursday (Advanced class)Bradpole Village Hall, Bridport6pm to 7.00pm
Friday (Advanced class)

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