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Wing Chun

Wing Chun

What is Wing Chun

If you take the popular view of Kung Fu, you know……flying through the air, somersaults and spinning Dragon kicks….

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Well, Wing Chun is none of that. It is a 300yr old (approx) Kung Fu style which potentially originates from the Shaolin Monastery in China, although modern theory points more towards a different theory.

Wing Chun is Chinese boxing with kicks but not kick boxing.

Our techniques are efficient, explosive and direct. whilst remaining sensitive, flexible and soft. We specialize in using natural physiology, logic and internal energy in conjunction with explosive efficiency to be devastating.

Added extras

Occasionally, we will train outside in different environments. Simulating real situations and hazards. Also we learn to defend against various weapons like knives, sticks, bats, screwdrivers etc.
All this is taught with an awareness to your surroundings and time of day.

As part of the Wing Chun Syllabus, I also teach a Qigong.
Qigong is an Ancient form of exercise that maintains health, encourages self healing and promotes a better connection with your self and your environment.

Classes are in Bradpole Village Hall

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30pm till 9pm. Classes cost £7.50 a session or £6.50 if become a member (£20p/y).
Membership will allow you to grade, use the internet support videos, discount on seminars and a handy training booklet for the grade you are working at.

The grading is done by continual assessment. I believe tests only show that you’re good at tests, not that you have ownership of the knowledge.

My classes are friendly and inclusive, with people from many different walks of life.

Don’t worry if you’re not fit. Although we are not a fitness class, elements of what we focus on are personal fitness, health and mental wellbeing.