Lord's Wing Chun

Lord's Wing Chun


New class alert *Womens Self Defence* starts Saturday 6th November click – here for more info.

Hi, I am Sifu Leon Lord

I’ve been training in Wing Chun Kung Fu for 17yrs, spending 13yrs with one of the most experienced teachers in the UK.

My lineage is:

  • Sifu Derek Vernon
  • Sigung Augustine Fong
  • Sitaigung Ho Kam Ming
  • Sijo Ip Man

I am also a Personal trainer, Pilates instructor, Qigong teacher and Life Coach.

My Take on it all

My particular version of Wing Chun is based in reality as a functional modern way to protect yourself. I would call my school progressive, not traditional. We still practice the forms and drills and training that you find in traditional school, it just means we are continually looking for ways to improve our skills and not just accepting the way things have been done.

Wing Chun Punching

I believe that to call this self defence, we create a mindset of victim waiting to be hit. Self protection would be a much better description.

  • I am Insured with Insure4fitness
  • I have an current Enhanced DBS check
  • I am First Aid qualified